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February 15, 2012

The following contains a directory of select mixing equipment suppliers and their products. For more information on the products listed in this guide, contact the companies directly.

Buhler Inc.
Mahwah, NJ
Fax: 201-847-0606
Product name: Buhler ContiMixer
Attributes/comments: Buhler offers a continuous mixer, “ContiMixer,” for manual or automated systems that allow continuous mixing for a variety of products and processes. With ContiMixer, large amounts of medium to high viscosity products can be mixed safely in a closed process.
Product name: Buhler SEM Batch Mixer
Attributes/comments: All Buhler SEM Mixers are powered by high frequency VFD drives that offer safe and quiet operation. The SEM mixers range from 10 to 125 HP and are available in high speed, high torque and twin shaft configurations.
Conn and Company, LLC
Warren, PA
Fax: 814-723-8502
Product name: New Patented Conn Blade of UHMW Polyethylene Product #PITT
Attributes/comments: Conn and Company has recently introduced their fourth patented mixing/dispersing blade. The PIT style is a high pumping/low shear-blending blade and the PITT style is a high pumping/high shear dispersion blade. Users will find they get much longer life compared to the stainless blades and may find for some applications it is the last blade they need to buy.
EMI – Engineered Mills, Inc.
Grayslake, IL
Fax: 847-548-0099
Product name: EMI Laboratory Mixer / Disperser
Attributes/comments: EMI introduces a new line of laboratory mixers, 0.5 TO 3 HP, that are bench top mountable, quiet, energy efficient, variable speed with high torque. They have an electric lift, include safety sensors, and process meters. Interchangable mixing, dispersing, rotor stator and batch bead mill heads available.
Hero Product Group
Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Fax: 604-522-8735
Product name: Ultrablend TruMix1
Attributes/comments: The Ultrablend Trumix Series by Hero is the latest addition to Hero’s family of mixers. The TruMix1 is a one gallon mixer that is reliable, easy to operate, maintenance free, small (footprint) that delivers complete mixing action.
Product name: Ultrablend TruMix5
Attributes/comments: The Ultrablend TruMix5 features a tough, maintenance-free design and high quality components. It is a five gallons vortex that delivers complete mixing action. A machine built to last.
Jaygo, Inc.
Union, NJ
908-688-3600 x170
Fax: 908-688-6060
Product name: Jaygo Vee Blenders
Attributes/comments: Jaygo recently shipped a sanitary Vee Blender to blend various powder ingredients for the production of vitamins and supplements. The unique design of Jaygo's Vee Blender provided important benefits to the customer including increased blender shell strength and enhanced discharge and cleanability. The 8000 liter blender was constructed in 316 Stainless Steel and included a pneumatically actuated discharge valve with inflatable seat, radio frequency proximity switches for the loading ports, and a radio frequency level probe to monitor fill level when cleaning. The blender was positioned for loading or cleaning through the use of an encoder. Jaygo Vee and Double Cone Blenders and Dryers can be supplied from eight to 8,000 liters and include jackets for heating/cooling, intensifier bars for deagglomeration and liquid addition, vacuum outlet with filter housing, as well as various types of charging and discharging systems.
Kady International
Scarborough, ME
Fax: 207-883-8241
Product name: Kady Mill OCF
Attributes/comments: Kady CF mills offer continuous high-speed dispersion and emulsion capability. This industrial mill produces tip speeds up to 9000 FPM and can easily be added to an existing production line. The company offers free trials.
Product name: One to 2000 Gallon Bottom Entry Kady Mills
Attributes/comments: These Kady Mills are efficient, high-speed dispersion mills capable of quickly reducing agglomerates to their ultimate particle size, and efficiently producing fine dispersions, suspensions and high quality emulsions. Kady offers a Free Lab Testing program.
Morehouse Cowles
Chino, CA
Fax: 909-627-7366
Product name: Morehouse Cowles ViscoMax
Attributes/comments: This ViscoMax product line is specifically designed and built to meet the needs of the customer’s applications. Units can range in size from a quart to 750 gallons and can process product viscosities exceeding 2,000,000 centipoises.
Product name: Dissolvers
Attributes/comments: Morehouse Cowles’ line of single shaft dissolvers are designed for liquid to liquid or dry to liquid mixing for a range of product viscosities. Direct drive mixers range from five to 125 horsepower.
Myers Engineering, Inc.
Bell, CA
Fax: 323-771-7789
Product name: Mixer Maintenance Manager
Attributes/comments: (IMS) Intelligent Maintenance System – Myers offers a PLC driven maintenance manager that helps avoid production equipment failures. Maintenance schedules are based on actual production usage patterns. The IMS audibly prompts the maintenance staff when service needs for critical items such as shafts, bearings, motors and seals are needed.
Union Process
Akron, OH
Fax: 330-929-3034
Product name: Q-03 Circulation Attritor
Attributes/comments: The Q-03 mini laboratory-sized circulation grinding mill is ideal for users who wish to perform lab trials with very small samples (from ½ gallon to one gallon) but still gain the advantages of a circulation grinding system.
Red Devil Equipment Company
Plymouth, MN
Fax: 763-852-1811
Product name: Model 5000
Attributes/comments: Multi-size orbital mixer built to support a wide range of applications and accepts pint (473 ml) to five-gallon (19 L) containers. Rubber cushioned bearings absorb vibration and a Kevlar reinforced drive belt reduces slippage for an extended mixing life.
Product name: Model 1000
Attributes/comments: One-gallon vortex ideal for mixing all types of architectural paints and primers, including pint (473 ml), quart (946 ml) and gallon (308 L) containers. Easy drop-in loading and a Kevlar reinforced drive belt prevents stretching and gear slippage.
Charles Ross and Son Company
Hauppauge, NY
Fax: 631-234-0691
Product name: Ross Planetary Dual Disperser Model PDDM
Attributes/comments: The new Ross Planetary Dual Disperser (PDDM) is ideal for powerful mixing of high viscosity applications requiring ultra-fine dispersion quality. The PDDM features four agitators – two planetary stirrers and two high-speed shafts – all rotating on their own axes while orbiting the mix vessel on a common axis. The saw-tooth blades on each high-speed shaft provide an intensive shearing action, promoting solids dispersion and particle size reduction. The planetary stirrers continually turnover batch material, help feed fresh product to the high-speed blades and facilitate uniform temperature throughout the mix zone. Shear levels and flow patterns in the PDDM are easily incorporated into viscous bulk material and stubborn agglomerates are dispersed regardless of product flow characteristics.
Schold Machine Corp.
Chicago, IL 
Fax: 708-458-3866
Product name: Lab-Pilot Test Facility
Attributes/comments: Schold’s manufacturing location has a large test lab utilizing full-size process equipment to run batches of ink, paint, coatings, epoxies, sealers, mastics, silicones, hot melts, adhesives, elastomerics, etc. Most test evaluations regardless of size are at no charge.
Product name: Variable Frequency Drive Retrofit Packages
Attributes/comments: Most Schold variable speed mechanical drive machines can now be retrofitted with Variable Frequency Drives and remote control stations. These packages eliminate all mechanical drive components and allow the operator wider speed ranges, low maintenance and soft starting.
Sulzer Mixpac Ltd.
Haag, Switzerland
+41 81 772 21 64
Fax: +41 81 772 20 01
Product name: MixCoat Spray
Attributes/comments: The portable MixCoat Spray system is ideal for two-component repairs and maintenance jobs. This stand-alone system only requires an air connection. A dual-stage –trigger for the integrated air flow control allows the user to operate this system with only one hand, which makes MixCoat a unique, user-friendly solution.
Product name: MixCoat Flex
Attributes/comments: This universal system for 2-K coatings offers various application methods. For difficult to reach areas, MixCoat Flex offers a real benefit. It is extremely robust, can be mounted on the wall or simply placed on the floor. This stand-alone system only requires an air connection.
Wilhelm Niemann GmbH and Co.
Melle, Germany
+49 (5428) 950 0
+49 (5428) 950 1999
Product name: Kreis- Dissolver
Attributes/comments: Laboratory and production dissolvers with driving powers from 2.2 to 315 kW for batches of up to 15,000 liters, available in different designs.
Product name: Kreis-Basket-Mill
Attributes/comments: Laboratory and production mills with driving powers from 2.2 to 132 kW for batches of up to 3,000 liters, available in different designs.
Product name: Kreis-Dissolver-Butterfly
Attributes/comments; Production butterfly dissolvers for ultra high-viscous products with driving powers from 15 to 90 kW for batches of up to 1,500 liters, available in different designs.

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