DuPont patents two-component coating

March 19, 2012

U.S. 7,858,692 B2
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company has obtained a patent for a coating composition comprised of crosslinkable and crosslinking components, wherein the crosslinkable component comprised of a copolymer having on an average 2- 25 crosslinkable groups selected from the group consisting of hydroxyl, acetoacetoxy, and a combination thereof; a weight average molecular weight ranging from approximately 1000-4500; a polydispersity ranging from 1.05-2.5; wherein the copolymer is polymerized from a monomer mixture comprised of one or more non-functional acrylate monomers and one or more functional methacrylate monomers provided with the crosslinkable groups; wherein the functional methacrylate monomers are present in an effective amount for producing the copolymer having on an average 2- 25 crosslinkable groups and having the weight average molecular weight; wherein the copolymer is produced by free radical polymerization of the monomer mixture at a polymerization temperature ranging from120°- 300° C; and wherein the crosslinking component for the crosslinkable groups is selected from the group consisting of polyisocyanate, polyamine, ketimine, melamine and a combination thereof; and wherein the monomer mixture includes 100- 80% of the total amount of the non-functional acrylate monomers and the functional methacrylate monomers, percentage is in weight percentage based on the weight of the monomer mixture.