Oxford Advanced Surfaces unveils its new solvent-resistant hydrophobic/oleophobic coating technology

January 9, 2012

Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group Plc (OAS) has produced a solvent resistant oleophobic and hydrophobic coating system using its proprietary technology—Onto XL Highly Reactive Chemistry. The technology has been used to modify the wetting and surface energy characteristics of both glass and plastic substrates, but could also be utilized on other materials. A common approach for simultaneously imparting both hydrophobic and oleophobic functionality to a surface is to coat it directly with a fluoropolymer but there are often associated problems with the stability of the film towards solvents, especially on plastic substrates. Using Onto XL technology in conjunction with a fluoropolymer prevents delamination to result in an oleophobic/hydrophobic surface that is stable to solvent exposure said the company.

The coating is applied in two layers from non-fluorinated solvents by common wet chemical processing techniques, giving it scope to be printed and therefore patterned. “This technology has the potential to be used in several applications but we believe that one of the most important markets will be organic electronics," said Sarah Vickers, product marketing scientist at OAS. "The use of Onto XL to anchor a coating to a substrate is not confined to fluoropolymers and has the potential to be used in conjunction with other types of coating."

OAS is an innovative research and development company delivering highly advanced materials solutions in optical coatings and highly reactive chemistry. Its proprietary technologies, Onto highly reactive chemistry and VISARC anti-reflective coatings, deliver performance-enhancing processes, opening up new markets for the most desirable high-performance advanced materials said the company. Initial applications include adhesion promotion, surface treatment and anti-reflective coatings used in the large volume, high-growth markets of electronics, optics, displays and green energy. For more information visit

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