Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd. receives key US patent for sodium alginate-based aqueous film coating technology

April 13, 2012

Ideal Cures, a company specializing in film coating compositions on tablets, pellets and granules for the pharma, health and dietary supplement industry, has secured a US patent for an innovation, claimed as both cost-effective and non-toxic.

Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd. founded and based in Mumbai, India has received US Patent Number 8,123,849, relating to aqueous film coating composition based on sodium alginate for application in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablets, caplets, pellets and granules. Inventive composition provides elegant glossy prompt release coating, which does not retard release of active ingredient from the coated substrate. This is the first time an Indian pharmaceutical excipient manufacturing company has been granted US patent on ready-to-use film coating composition.

This raises Ideal Cures patent portfolio to 10 granted patents, which includes nine granted patents in India. Ideal Cures also own a variety of intellectual property for film coating composition in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries for immediate and delayed release technologies.
The patent covers the technology of a coating composition comprising sodium alginate with 20 percent recon level, which will result in savings of up to 40 percent coating time for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries as compared to compositions based on Hydroxy-Propyl-Methyl-Cellulose said the company.

The company further said the technology will provide an excellent opportunity to pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals industry players to get rid of organic solvents like IPA and methylene chloride, which are toxic to the environment and coating operators. This technology protects tablets from moisture, sunlight and other atmospheric conditions. The technology would also be a great help for those in the nutraceutical industry looking for use of Gras Status products in their formulation. Addition of colors in the composition will have an advantage of creating brand identification for the user as well as smoothness in the finish would be helpful for easy passage of tablets in esophagus more particularly for bigger tablets.

The company has also filed a patent application based on a sodium alginate for a programed timed release of active ingredients with pre-determined lag period. This is useful to active ingredients, which are sensitive to acidic pH and degradation in stomach.

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