Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings introduces ‘Natives and Aliens’ color selection

March 28, 2012

Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings has introduced into the North American market the ‘Natives and Aliens’ color selection that includes 15 new colors with 20 different special effect finishes bundled into a pocket size fan deck.

According to the company, the new color selection is inspired by native elements and other minerals and metals, and influenced and motivated by current sentiments to love the planet as well as the shift in consciousness attributed to the end of the Mayan calendar and all current theories considering life on Earth. The Natives and Aliens color selection draws attention to the worth of minerals and metals, and gravitates around the homecoming to nature to confer gratitude to Mother Earth for its kindness and magnificence the company said.

"The Natives and Aliens color selection hybridizes the ethereal with extraterrestrial shape shifting finishes creating an intriguing yet glamorous appearance," said Montaha Hidefi, marketing and business development manager, North America, Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings. "Copper, gold and nickel contrast with bronze, brass and chrome. Flat matte converges with high gloss. Dark shades expose light and transparent colors. The Natives and Aliens color selection reveals earthy tones with a scent from the past and a twenty-first century twist. It interlinks the muted with the sparkling and juxtaposes the shimmery with the dimmed."

The Natives and Aliens color selection is offered in an exterior non-architectural powder coating grade suitable for exterior and interior applications.

"The muted, dimmed, shiny, shimmering, polished and brushed metallic and pearlescent second generation bonded metallic and special effects are a designer’s finale moment and an evolution in the color and finishes space," said Hidefi. "The selection is well suited to a variety of market segments including furniture, lighting, railing, store fixtures and other applications where the visual and the form are an integrated part of the designer’s creation."

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