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SCIGRIP enters sign and display market with range of specialist, smart adhesives

May 22, 2012

SCIGRIP has launched a range of products formulated specifically for the sign and display market. The company said it is a unique offering within the UK adhesives industry as no other supplier currently markets a complete range of sign and display products through one manufacturer.

SCIGRIP’s sign and display adhesives can be used on a range of substrates including plastics, metals and composites. The range is well suited to skilled users such as sign and display fabricators, plastic fabricators, installers, shop fitters and joinery companies. The products can be purchased via a national network of distributors who are trained in the products use and application. Available in easy to use cartridge systems and bulk packaging, all feature a choice of curing speed and viscosities to suit a wide range of applications.

SCIGRIP’S sign and display range is grouped into four categories—adhesives for plastics, metals, glass and composites.

PPX5 Ultimate Plastic Bonder is designed for low energy surfaces such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). PPX5 is specially developed to provide a tough resilient bond to surfaces with no special pre-treatment. Also for the plastics market, Product 42 is a high performing adhesive for the U.S. market and is used for bonding clear PMMA (acrylic).

In the metals category, SG300 and SG5000 are designed for bonding metals to metals and metals to plastics, replacing or reducing the need for metal fasteners or welding.

For glass applications, UV106 is a thixotropic UV adhesive for bonding clear plastics to glass and metals. This grade can be used without the need for expensive UV lamps (high intensity visible light cure).

As for adhesives for composites, GRP, Carbon Fibre, Alucabond and other composites materials, are all offered within the range from cure speeds of two-minutes up to two-hours.

“We are targeting the European market during the launch phase and have the opportunity to expand into Asia," said Paul Nelson, SCIGRIP’s European business development director. “It is an exciting time for the organization as we continue to evolve and demonstrate our flexibility to meet ever-changing assembly techniques”.

The sign and display range is available through SCIGRIP’s network of European distributors. Visit for further information.

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