Valspar patents durable polyester coating

June 5, 2012

U.S. 8,124,242 B2
Valspar Sourcing, Inc. has been granted a patent for a coated substrate comprised of a substrate coil, and a coating composition applied to at least one major surface of the substrate coil, wherein the coating composition is comprised of a binder comprised of a polyester resin that is formed using at least one aromatic dicarboxylic acid and using polyols comprised of at least one symmetric diol in an amount greater than 50% weight  based on the total weight of polyols and at least one asymmetric diol in an amount greater than 20% weight based on the total weight of polyols, wherein the polyester resin is comprised of between 50% and 75% weight isophthalic acid based on the total weight of resin and has a glass transition temperature of at least approximately 35° C; and wherein the flexibility of the coated substrate is at least 0T with no tape off.

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