Dunn-Edwards improves Suprema interior flat and velvet paint

June 5, 2012

Dunn-Edwards has improved its Suprema product line. The Flat and Velvet finish levels (10 and 20) now provide better hide, burnish resistance and touch up that will go a long way to ensure that painting professionals can provide the best possible interior paint for their client’s homes the company said. The high quality resins in its formulation provide better scrub resistance by creating a harder film. Suprema has excellent flow and leveling because it uses a special thickening agent that interacts better with the resin particles to allow the paint film to flow better. This ensures a smooth, even finish.  Suprema is eco-friendly, ethylene glycol (EG)-free and produced in the nation’s only LEED Gold-Certified paint manufacturing plant. Suprema is ultra-low VOC at 50 grams per liter, and has very low odor both during and after application. The improved Suprema Flat and Velvet are now available in Dunn-Edwards’ stores.