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Lanxess adds newer Levanyl and Levanox grades to its pigments for paints and coatings

June 5, 2012

Lanxess has added seven new weather-resistant Levanyl and Levanox grades to its pigment preparation portfolio. These newly developed pigment preparations based on high-performance organic and inorganic pigments have excellent lightfastness and weather resistance properties, making them ideal for outdoor use the company said. The new grades extend the color range of the Lanxess pigment preparations significantly and make it possible to obtain brilliant hues with excellent lightfastness. The three new organic pigment dispersions Levanyl Scarlet 2G-LF (P. R. 168), Levanyl Red 3G-LF (P. R. 254) and Levanyl Magenta B-LF (P. R. 122) expand the range of red shades. The new additions to the range of inorganic dispersions are the brilliant Levanox Yellow 6G-LF (bismuth vanadate yellow P. Y. 184), the two brilliant complex pigments Levanox Blue 2R-LF (P. B. 28) and Levanox Blue 4G-LF (P. B. 36), and Levanox Orange 943 LF, a modified iron oxide yellow P. Y. 42 with a warm orange shade. All the new inorganic dispersions are using a modified formulation, which prevents heavy pigment particles from forming a compact sediment if they settle. This means they can be completely homogenized again simply by stirring, even after prolonged storage.

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