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Konica Minolta Sensing releases CM-700d spectrophotometer in Mexico

September 17, 2012

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. has recently released the CM-700d and CM-600d spectrophotometers in Mexico and throughout the Latin American market. The CM-700d and CM-600d are two spectrophotometers that promise the same high performance as previous Konica Minolta models in a more compact, lightweight and highly portable body. These models are approximately 25% smaller in volume than the previous models as well as approximately 20% lighter. They employ a vertical body that is both easy to hold and stable for greater ease of use. In addition, each model come equipped with Bluetooth wireless communication functions, enabling wireless transmission of measurement data to a computer, mobile printer, etc. This allows for greater maneuverability for measurement work on location and on production lines without the limitations of conventional communication cables. The CM-700d and CM-600d are both equipped with a color TFT LCD, which provides color patches to be shown for each measurement. The CM-700d can measure areas of 8mm and 3mm for greater flexibility of measurements. The CM-600d has a fixed measurement area of 8mm. Each model can support a wide variety of samples including pastes, powders, and even wet surfaces. Various optional accessories are also available to accommodate many different samples and customer applications.