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Lubrizol Launches Turboset 2027 PUD to Enhance the Performance of Wood Coatings

December 10, 2012

The Lubrizol Corporation has introduced Turboset™ 2027, an NMP-free, self-crosslinking polyurethane composite dispersion formulated to enhance the performance of interior wood coatings used on floors and furniture, as well as select sealers, without requiring additional crosslinkers.

Turboset 2027 has been designed to elevate wood coating performance in the key areas of durability and wear resistance. While similar to its forerunner, Turboset 2025, Turboset 2027 is distinguished by its unique NMP-, NEP- and APEO-free chemistry making it an ideal solution for coatings intended for the global market and when health or environmental matters are considerations. In addition Turboset 2027 is a high-solids polymer, 40% by weight, and can be paired with a wide variety of cosolvents for greater opportunities to develop formulations for the world's diverse markets.

Turboset 2027 offers impressive performance qualities with exceptional durability and resistance to chemicals and overall wear, according to the company. Test results for black heel mark protection and hardness have also been on a very high level. In addition, gloss retention was comparable to high-VOC dispersions containing NMP. Crosslinking with a polyisocyanate, while not required, can be used to provide further improvement of performance regarding black heel mark, chemical and scratch resistance. The film cure speed of Turboset 2027 is also a significant benefit.

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