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Dow Coating Materials Expands Dispersant Production

December 4, 2012

Dow Coating Materials, a global business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, has announced plans to expand production of its Dispersants product line in response to rapidly increasing demand from customers across the globe.  Additional production of Tamol and Orotan high-performance hydrophobically modified copolymer dispersants from Dow is slated to begin in Q1 2013. The additional Tamol dispersant will be produced for
architectural and Industrial coatings manufacturers; hygiene and medical applications and personal and home care products

“Tamol and Oroton high-performance dispersants from Dow have filled a significant market need for the coatings industry, as well as other Dow businesses in North America and worldwide,” said Jose Maria Bermudez, NA business director, Dow Coating Materials North America.  “We’re very pleased to be investing in expanded production capabilities in order to meet growing demand and broaden our manufacturing footprint.”

Tamol dispersants from Dow offer formulators a diverse selection of polyacid, hydrophilic copolymer, and hydrophobic copolymer dispersants to meet a variety of formulation demands. Tamol dispersants offer a broad range of performance benefits to coatings such as excellent efficiency, gloss enhancement, pigment wetting, stability and color acceptance, according to the company.

“Investing in expanded dispersant production continues Dow’s ongoing objective to bring new products and technology innovations to market faster than ever before,” said Bermudez.  “Customers rely on our 30-plus years of extensive performance data and deep coatings expertise in order to meet their rigorous production and innovation goals.  We are the recognized leader in our industry, backed by the largest investment in R&D and distribution capabilities of Dow.  At the same time, we are structured to provide our partners with unique flexibility and turn-key response across every area of our business. ”

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