PPG Introduces CPC Color Accurate G3 Software

April 1, 2013

PPG Commercial Coatings has launched its third generation of software, CPC Color Accurate G3. The color formulation and management software provides a suite of powerful tools designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of paint operations at the distributor or with the end user.

“We’ve expanded and enhanced the features of Color Accurate to make color matching easier for our customers,” said Steve Podlas, brand manager for PPG Commercial Coatings. “Color Accurate has always been a trusted tool, and now this new-generation software makes searches for color formulations and matches simpler and faster than ever. CPC Color Accurate G3 is straightforward, easy to learn and easy to use; our customers can make the right color call quickly. Customer management and color storage functions are also designed in the software, and commercial performance coatings customers will find CPC Color Accurate G3 software makes the entire color support process much more productive.”

New features in CPC Color Accurate G3 software include a broad range of pre-formulated color matches corresponding to the colors in the CPC two-volume color book set and intuitive formula searching. The software includes more than 40,000 pre-formulated colors in 20-plus qualities. Color information resides in the software, lessening the need to call the PPG Color Library or go online to find color formulas.