Arch Chemicals Patents Biocides Enhanced by Silver, Copper or Zinc Ions

May 8, 2013

U.S. 8,206,732 B2
Arch Chemicals has been awarded a patent for a method of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms by the step of contacting the microorganisms with an antimicrobial composition comprised of a pyrithione salt selected from the group consisting of sodium pyrithione, zinc pyrithione, copper pyrithione, and combinations thereof; and a copper source selected from the group consisting of copper salts, copper oxides, copper hydroxides, copper metals, and combinations thereof; wherein the weight ratio of the copper source to the pyrithione salt is in the range from 1:100-1:1, and wherein the antimicrobial composition has an enhanced biocidal effect against the microorganisms, the copper salt is selected from the group consisting of copper disodium citrate, copper triethanolamine, copper carbonate, cuprous ammonium carbonate, cupric hydroxide, copper chloride, cupric chloride, copper ethylenediamine complex, copper oxychloride, copper oxychloride sulfate, cuprous oxide, copper thiocyanate, and combinations thereof.