Italian Thermal Paint Brand Bistaten Now Available in US

By Coatings World staff | 05.13.20

Bisaten and its parent company, GDM – based in Sicily – is now bringing its most advanced formula ever to North America. 


The only water-based paint and primer in the world that provides a thermo barriersaving homeowners and businesses 26-30 percent on heating and cooling costs by inhibiting heat and cool air loss through walls and ceilings. 


It is also anti-mold (preventing re-growth), antimicrobial, extremely effective against COVID-19, and anti-condensation.


This smooth, extra-durable and easy-to-apply paint is patented and formulated with 3M technology for the most reliable, seamless experience for professional painters, contractors and DIY enthusiasts.


 In response to the needs of our planet and the health and safety of humans and animals, it is completely non-toxic, free of volatile organic compounds, washable with soap and water and packaged in recyclable containers. This unique yet affordable insulating product is available in a range of gorgeous colors inspired by the stunning Italian countryside and coastline.


Bisaten is manufactured on-site at the company’s facility in Sicily.