Chemours Introduces Specialty Grade of Ti-Pure Titanium Dioxide for Printing Inks at CHINACOAT


Low-abrasion chloride grade pigment enables brighter printing on wide range of substrates.

The Chemours Company, a global chemistry company with leading market positions in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, introduced a new specialty, low-abrasion grade of Ti-Pure titanium dioxide pigment specifically designed to improve the formulation and performance of printing inks. This new product introduction took place during CHINACOAT 2019- – one of the world’s largest global coatings industry events being held in Shanghai, China this week.

This new grade of Ti-Pure branded pigment (TS-4657) is chloride processed and specifically engineered to be less abrasive than other chloride TiO2 offerings. Historically, pigments produced by the chloride process had an abrasion level that was too high for the inks market, causing excessive wear on the printing plates. This new specialty grade of pigment is the ideal choice for creating water- and solvent-based inks used in flexographic, digital, and gravure printing of labels and packaging. Using the chloride process produces a whiter and brighter pigment than the sulfate process, enabling formulation of inks with higher opacity in a broader range of colors.

Ti-Pure TS-4657 can be blended with other pigments, providing customers with maximum flexibility and an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. This new inks-grade offering helps customers diversify their pigment supply so their growth doesn't have to be compromised by a lack of supply. Available worldwide with flexible purchasing channels—including an online buying option through the Ti-Pure Flex portal—TS-4657 is competitively priced and offers the quality and consistency afforded by the Ti-Pure brand.

Printing ink producers can get more information about this new grade of TiO2, or request a sample, by visiting: