Grace Showcases its Latest Eco-Friendly and High-Performance Solutions at CHINACOAT 2020

By Coatings World staff | 12.08.20

The booth is based on the theme "Engineered for Eco-friendly Systems."

W. R. Grace & Co., a leading global specialty chemical company, took the opportunity of participating in CHINACOAT 2020 exhibition to showcase some of its innovative high-performance eco-friendly solutions to the coatings industry. Grace’s booth is in Hall 2.1 stand number B41. Based on the theme "Engineered for Eco-friendly Systems," Grace Materials Technologies Segment displayed five leading products: SYLOID Matting Agents, SHIELDEX Anti-Corrosion Pigments, SYLOSIV Moisture Scavenger, LUDOX Colloidal Silica, SYLOWHITE Titanium Dioxide Extender.


New Grace Products Help Address Industry Pain Points, Onsite Seminar Received Enthusiastic Response

At CHINACOAT 2020, Grace introduced its new product series - SYLOID AQ high-performance multifunctional water-based wood coatings additives. The SYLOID AQ series is especially designed for eco-friendly systems in water-based wood coatings. It not only solves the "fogging" problems of traditional matting additives in the paint film, but also has no negative impact on the chemical resistance of the paint film while significantly improving its physical and mechanical properties. These attributes are able to provide high-performance and outstanding clarity on finishes which can meet different gloss requirements.

One of the highlights of CHINACOAT 2020 was the onsite seminar hosted by Grace’s APAC Customer Technical Services Manager, Mr. Weide Zhang. As part of his seminar for exhibitions guests and industry experts, Mr. Zhang was able to demonstrate the advantages of the premium SYLOID AQ Series as part of his presentation on the outstanding clarity and chemical resistance properties of water-based low-gloss coating additives.

With More Than 20 Years of Cooperation, Grace’s Reputation for High-Quality Products and Services Continues to be Appreciated by Customers

Long-time Grace customers, Changrunfa Paint Company and Shanghai Carpoly Paint Company, both acknowledged how happy they were to work with Grace for over the last two decades. Commenting on their products, Mr. Jianpeng Zheng, R&D Director for Changrunfa, said, “For more than 20 years, Changrunfa and Grace have enjoyed a great working relationship. Grace continues to innovate, in particular with new types of matting agents of UV and water-based coatings. They are highly responsive to the demands of the market.”

Focus on Grace’s customer service, Mr. Rex Wu, vice director of purchasing for Carpoly, said, “We’ve been working with Grace for over 15 years. We were recently invited to tour their Shanghai laboratory and view their state-of-the-art equipment and standardized experimental procedures. This was hugely reassuring and affirmed our partnership with Grace. Having well equipped production bases in multiple regions around the world ensures supply security as the global supply chain becomes increasingly complex.”

“Grace has been providing our customers with high-quality multifunctional additives for PU, UV, and water-based coatings, which effectively improved the performance of product finishes.” Mr. Xiao-Feng Lin, Product Manager, APAC, Grace Materials Technologies responded: “At the same time, Grace continues to be customer-oriented and works with customers to develop the most eco-friendly coatings with the lowest possible carbon footprint, and meet the toughest consumer and regulatory demands for sustainability, human health, and safety.”

Committed to the Concept of Eco-Friendly, Grace Products Continue to Meet Essential Environmental Regulations

China attaches great importance to environment protection which has become an industry development trend. Grace actively responds to the latest environmental regulations, adheres to the concept of eco-friendly and strives to reflect the concept through Grace’s products.

Mr. James Qiu, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Grace Materials Technologies stated, “The products in Grace’s portfolio that addressed the sustainability endpoints accounted for approximately $1 billion or 38 percent of total revenue in 2018. For example, one of our exhibited products - SHIELDEX chromium-free anti-corrosion pigments, fully meets the requirements of the latest regulations of GB 30981-2020. This product series can not only provide high-performance coatings for the market, but also actively respond to environmental regulations and implement the concept of eco-friendly. In the future, Grace will continue to innovate on the basis of the existing chromium-free product line, work with customers to research new solutions and help customers transform and upgrade.”