• Waterborne UV Coatings Market

    Coatings World recently attended the uvebWest 2017, held in Burlingame, California. Energy curing is finding new applications, from 3D printing and touch displays to inkjet and food packaging, and UV LED is emerging as a huge opportunity. Ink World e…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 03.31.17

  • Coatings Summit Held in China for the First Time

    As anyone involved in the paint and coatings industry knows, China is the most important market for our industry. According to our China correspondent, Arnold Wang, in the first half of 2016 China’s GDP growth was 6.7 percent over the same peri…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 02.13.17

  • 2017 at a Glance

    One of the things I always do at the beginning of the new year is organize my travel plans for all the major coatings trade shows and conferences. 2017 is looking to be quite busy in terms of quality technical conferences and trade shows. I will be t…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 01.06.17

  • Uncertain Future

    2016 has been an interesting year in terms of political changes. The UK’s recent 52/42 vote to leave the European Union will certainly have an impact on the coatings industry. A recent survey by  the British Coatings Federation (BCF) of it…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 12.09.16

  • Sustainability Drives Innovation

    Sustainability is one of the most discussed issues in the paint and coatings industry. In the past paint and coatings manufacturers focused research and development efforts to develop low- and zero- VOC technology for paints, stains, caulks and seala…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 11.09.16

  • China in Transition

    In a recent Forbes article, “4 Wall Street Predictions,” Liyan Chen noted “it is no exaggeration to claim that if China sneezes, the world catches a cold.” The global economy is intrinsically tied to that of China and for n…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 10.10.16

  • Coatings World International Buyers’ Guide

    Our annual International Buyers’ Guide serves as a valuable reference tool to the paint and coatings industry. It is comprised of a comprehensive listing of companies offering pigments, resins, additives, solvents and oils, as well as productio…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 09.13.16

  • Marine Coatings

    Marine Coatings / Asia Pacific Report

    This month’s issue of Coatings World takes a look at two related topics – Marine Coatings and the Asia Pacific Coatings Market. Marine Coatings Market The market for marine coatings is largely driven by the Asia Pacific region due i…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 08.10.16

  • Industrial Coatings

    Major Changes in the Coatings Industry

    This year the coatings industry is facing a number of major changes that will certainly impact next year’s Top Companies rankings.  All eyes are on two major acquisitions announced earlier this year. AkzoNobel (number 2 in this year&rsquo…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 07.14.16

  • Industrial Coatings

    Industrial Coatings Market

    The industrial coatings market is quite diverse owing to its varied applications. It encompasses protective coatings for architectural steel, transportation and oil and offshore structures, just to name a few segments. Industrial coatings must pro…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 06.08.16

  • Aerospace Coatings

    Aerospace Coatings Take Off

    This month’s issue takes an in-depth look at the aerospace coatings market. Associate Editor, Catherine Diamond interviewed the leading aerospace coatings manufacturers for our cover story on the Aerospace Coatings Market. Experts from PPG,…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 05.09.16

  • Industrial Coatings  | Wood Coatings

    Rad-Cure Coatings Market

    Coatings World has devoted a considerable amount of space in the April issue to the topic of radiation-curable coatings and technologies. Although radiation curable products account for a small portion of the overall coatings market as a result of…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 04.08.16

  • American Coatings Show Returns to Indy

    This latest issue of Coatings World is our American Coatings Show (ACS) and Conference issue. This issue, which is one of our largest, covers a lot of ground. The top ten coatings companies saw sales of $64.6 billion in 2015, prepresting half of t…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 03.21.16

  • Wood Coatings

    Residential Property Market Drives Growth for Wood Coatings

    This month’s feature article is on the Wood Coatings Market. Coatings World has covered this topic in great detail, analyzing the markets in North America, Europe and Africa. Worldwide, wood coatings has seen steady gains in the past few years…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 02.12.16

  • Coatings World Celebrates 20th Anniversary

    2016 marks Coatings World’s 20th anniversary. Coatings World was launched in 1996, and from its inception has been unique from other trade journals in offering global circulation and staff written business reports and technical papers. Twenty y…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 01.15.16

  • Powder Coatings

    Consumer Goods is Largest Market for Powder Coatings

    This month’s cover article is on The Powder Coatings Market. According to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc., the global powder coatings market is expected to reach $12.48 billion by 2020, Consumer goods are the largest application mar…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 12.18.15

  • Architectural Coatings | Powder Coatings

    Exterior and Green Coatings

    This month two of our feature articles focus on the issues of sustainability and green coatings. Exterior Architectural Coatings “Exterior Architectural Coatings Market” (p. 28) examines the impact LEED and the green building moveme…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 11.13.15

  • Powder Coatings

    Coatings World Heads to Shanghai

    As we put the final touches on the October issue, the Coatings World team is also busy making the final preparations to attend CHINACOAT2015 November 18-20 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). This issue has several  features d…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 10.19.15

  • Additives | Laboratory Equipment | Pigments | Solvents

    International Buyers’ Guide is a Key Resource

    Our annual International Buyers’ Guide is a comprehensive listing of companies offering pigments, resins, additives, solvents and oils, as well as production and laboratory equipment to the paint and coatings industry. The Coatings World staff…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 09.21.15

  • Exciting Changes at Coatings World

    You Asked for It, You Got It This month Coatings World is announcing a number of exciting changes. We pride ourselves on listening and responding to reader feedback, and we regularly commission independent readership studies by outside research fi…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 08.17.15