• Mixing Equipment Directory

    Mixing Equipment Directory

    Here is a look at the latest offerings from select mixing equipment suppliers.

  • Update on the Regulatory Status of Flame Retardants

    Abstract This paper provides an update of legislative and regulatory activities in U.S. states and federal agencies around the use of flame retardants in upholstered furniture, children’s products, building insulation and other uses. Annex 1…
    Jay West and Robert J. Simon 02.09.18

  • CHINACOAT Continues to Grow

    CHINACOAT Continues to Grow

    CHINACOAT2017 (The 22nd China International Exhibition for Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives) ended November 17. CHINACOAT alternates annually between Guangzhou and Shanghai. This year’s three-day event, held in Shanghai, was comprised of m…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 02.09.18

  • Corrosion Control Coatings

    Corrosion Control Coatings

    Corrosion control coating systems are used to protect a variety of high-value assets.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 02.09.18

  • Wood Coatings  Market

    Wood Coatings Market

    The wood coatings market experienced a positive year. An improved housing market has been an important factor for growth.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 02.09.18

  • Paint & Coatings Industry in United Arab Emirates

    Paint & Coatings Industry in United Arab Emirates

    Arapidly growing population with relatively high incomes, huge construction sector  and rising demand from industrial segments have led to a steady increase in paint and coatings demand in United Arab Emirates in recent years. The last two years…
    Yogender Singh, India, Asia-Pacific Correspondent 01.08.18

  • 100% Solid, Thin-Film Polyurea Aliphatic System

    Abstract The polyurethane industry has faced a challenge in offering a highly versatile, UV-stable coating system that can meet the standard properties of the paint and powder coatings market. A newly developed aliphatic system has been designed t…
    Elaheh Khani and Terry Pe, LINE-X LLC, Huntsville, AL 01.08.18

  • Coatings World Q&A with Additives Suppliers

    Coatings World recently had the opportunity to interview some of the leading additive suppliers to the industry.

  • Global Coatings  Market  Overview

    Global Coatings Market Overview

    The global coatings industry experienced good growth in 2017 with decorative coatings leading the way in terms of global growth. Automotive and industrial coatings also experienced good growth too but not quite as high as that of decorative coatings…
    Doug Bohn, Orr and Boss 01.08.18

  • Pigments Market

    Pigments Market

    According to Grand View Research, the inorganic pigments market is expected to witness significant growth owing to increasing use in the construction and paint industries. According to their latest pigment report, urbanization and rapid growth in con…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 01.08.18

  • New Year, New Hue: 2018 Interior Architectural Coatings Trends

    New Year, New Hue: 2018 Interior Architectural Coatings Trends

    A rebounding housing market is driving growth for interior coatings.
    Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor 01.08.18

  • New Flame Retardant Solutions For Flexible PU Foams in Automotive Applications

    New Flame Retardant Solutions For Flexible PU Foams in Automotive Applications

    Abstract There is a growing interest in new flame retardant solutions for flexible polyurethane foams in automotive applications due to increasing OEM requirements such as lower emissions, enhanced aging properties and improved toxicity profiles.…
    Heiko Tebbe, Joseph Egan, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH Business Unit Additives, Cologne, Germany; , LANXESS Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA. 12.04.17

  • Biocides Update

    Biocides Update

    The global market is increasing despite EU REACH legislation impact.
    Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor 12.04.17

  • Powder Coatings Market

    Powder Coatings Market

    Valued for its versatility and low environmental impact, the powder coatings market continues to grow.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 12.04.17

  • SeeRIGHT™ II: A Visual/Instrumental Color Correlation Device

    SeeRIGHT™ II: A Visual/Instrumental Color Correlation Device

    Automotive effect coatings usually contain flake pigments, which act somewhat like a mirror, causing the color to change based on the angle of illumination or view. Effect coatings are commonly measured for color using hand-held, multi-angle spectrop…
    Stuart K. Scott, BASF-Color Science-Technical Advisor, BASF Corp., Southfield, MI 11.06.17

  •  Indian Paint Industry - Gaining Steam

    Indian Paint Industry - Gaining Steam

    India has some of the best ingredients for the development of the paint and coatings industry. With 66 percent of its population under the age of 35, India is home to the largest population of young people in the world – 825 million. The median…
    Yogender Singh, India, Asia-Pacific Correspondent 11.06.17

  • Media & Milling Directory

    Media & Milling Directory

    Here is a look at the latest offerings from select media and milling manufacturers.

  • Polyurethane Sealants Market

    Polyurethane Sealants Market

    Polyurethane sealants are organic compounds formed by the reaction of a glycol with an isocyanate and used for sealing and waterproofing decks, wood flooring and trims. Polyurethane sealants can be one- or two-component systems. One-component systems…
    Annirban Bhattacharya, Senior Research Analyst, MarketsandMarkets Research Private Limited 11.06.17

  • Green Coatings

    Green Coatings

    A combination of regulatory trends and consumer demand help drive the market for green coatings.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 11.06.17

  • Exterior Decorative Coatings Market

    Exterior Decorative Coatings Market

    Reports, paint companies project bright future for decorative coatings
    Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor 11.06.17