Europe Reports

  • Industrial Coatings  | Marine Coatings
    Wind Turbine Coatings in Demand

    Wind Turbine Coatings in Demand

    Protective coatings producers are looking to the offshore wind turbine market for growth opportunities.
    Sean Milmo 10.05.10

  • Additives | Powder Coatings | Price Increases

    Slow growth to recovery

    European paint makers have seen sales rise in the first half of the year, but raw material price increases continue to put pressure on profit margins.
    Sean Milmo 09.15.10

  • Additives | Wood Coatings
    SMEs look for support from EU

    SMEs look for support from EU

    In a post recession environment, SMEs struggle to find investment dollars.
    Sean Milmo 08.02.10

  • Sustaining future growth

    Sustaining future growth

    Sustainability remains a major objective of Europe’s coatings sector despite the slow economic recovery in the region. In fact, the recession and its aftermath have bolstered the momentum behind sustainability initiatives in the sector rather t…

  • Additives | Pigments | Solvents
    Raw material supply shortage

    Raw material supply shortage

    European coatings manufacturers are bracing themselves for a prolonged period of shortages in key raw materials.      The industry is currently being hit by double–digit rises in prices for resins, pigments, additives, solvents…

  • Adhesives and Sealants | Market Trends & Forecast | Solvents | Wood Coatings

    Air Quality Regulations Tighten

    Worries in Europe about air pollution were intensified in April as a massive cloud of ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland grounded all passenger aircraft in the region. However these concerns about air quality, stemming from a rising incidence o…

  • Business Operation | Market Trends & Forecast

    Economic Downturn Doesn't Deter R&D Investment

    Balance-sheet tactics adopted by companies within the coatings supply chain in Europe to deal with the economic downturn have triggered cutbacks in investment in production plants but not so much in R&D. Throughout the chain extending from raw m…

  • Market Trends & Forecast

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  • Industrial Coatings  | Powder Coatings

    Recession restructure

    The coatings industry has undergone massive restructuring plans to try and help maintain profitability until the economy thaws.
    Sean Milmo 12.03.09

  • Additives | Solvents

    Reformulation challenges

    Making the switch to waterborne formulations is a challenge to industry and raw material suppliers are trying to help paint companies meet those challenges.
    Sean Milmo 11.02.09

  • Automotive Refinish

    BASF expands auto refinish operations

    With the opening of its new Refinish Competence Center and the expansion of its training program, BASF will continue to be a leader in the refinish market.
    Sean Milmo 10.01.09

  • Binders

    Innovation is key for SMEs

    During recessions SMEs need to rely on innovation to help stay afloat.
    Sean Milmo 08.04.09

  • Energy saving coatings in Europe

    It may not be easy for coatings companies to establish themselves in the energy saving coatings segment.
    Sean Milmo 07.14.09

  • Price Increases

    TiO2 market under pressure

    The TiO2 market is readjusting itself to the current economic situation.
    Sean Milmo 06.01.09

  • Pigments

    Examining color trends

    Pigment producers at the European Coatings Show displayed new effect pigments technology.
    Sean Milmo 05.07.09

  • Marine Coatings | Pigments | Price Increases

    Where are raw material costs headed?

    A look at how the issue of raw material costs is affecting the paint and coatings supply chain.
    Sean Milmo 04.06.09

  • Additives | Industrial Coatings

    Looking beyond the recession

    Anticipating economic recovery, Western coatings companies continue to invest in growth markets like Russia.
    Sean Milmo 03.06.09

  • SMEs are fighting to hold on

    Small- to medium-sized paint companies face the toughest challenges in the current recession.
    Sean Milmo 02.02.09

  • Seeking recession-proof solutions

    Paint and coatings companies invest in sustainable solutions during hard economic times.
    Sean Milmo 12.03.08

  • Weathering the economic storm

    As the coatings industry prepares for a sharp economic downturn, how will the market cope?
    Sean Milmo 10.30.08