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  • Key Considerations for Hiring the ‘Right’ Commercial Construction Developer and Design/Builder

    Ryan Regina, co- founder and owner of BIG SKY Enterprises || March 8, 2016
    In today’s economy, any organization looking to start a new construction project faces certain challenges. Choosing the right construction manager and design/builder using criterion based on individualized, industry-specific needs can make the…

  • IHS: Diversification, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Key for SABIC to Maintain Growth

    Melissa Manning, IHS || December 29, 2015
    Facing slowing economic growth and persistent low oil prices, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), the world’s fourth-largest chemical company by revenue ($50.2 billion in 2014), is transforming itself from primarily a commodity play…

  • Do Great Leaders Need Experience?

    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor || August 7, 2014
    As global consultants to the specialty chemicals industry over the past 39 years, we have witnessed the results of degrees of leadership capabilities that range from very poor to excellent. Of course, this range can be said of every industry at one t…

  • Keys to Successful Consulting

    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor || May 8, 2013
    “We hate them but we love them”! This is often said of consultants in general yet over $100 billion dollars were spent globally on consultants in 2012. Individual consultants range along a continuum in talent and training from none to a d…

  • Differentiation: The Anecdote to a Disruptive Threat

    Differentiation: The Anecdote to a Disruptive Threat

    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor || November 10, 2011
    The core of any successful strategy is differentiation.

  • Low- & Zero VOC Paint Technology

    Kerry Pianoforte || May 7, 2009
    No longer merely a buzzword, demand for "green" coatings continues to increase for both the professional and DIY markets.

  • Maturity vs. Saturation: Part II

    Phil Phillips || May 14, 2007
    Analyzing strategic options for products in the mature portion of the product life cycle. Part two of a three part series.

  • The purchase decision process

    Phil Phillips || January 12, 2006
    Who does the buying of the trillions of dollars' worth of goods and services needed by business organizations? Purchasing agents (PA) are certainly influential in direct straight re-purchase and modified re-purchase situations, whereas other departm…