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  • Rad-Cure Coatings Market

    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor || April 8, 2016
    Coatings World has devoted a considerable amount of space in the April issue to the topic of radiation-curable coatings and technologies. Although radiation curable products account for a small portion of the overall coatings market as a result of…

  • SUNY-ESF and RadTech Collaborate on Rad-Cure Program

    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor || January 29, 2014
    The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), along with RadTech International North America and other collaborators, has launched a new program in radiation/energy curing, the Radiation Curing Program (RC…

  • Radcure Coatings Market is Growing

    Radcure Coatings Market is Growing

    Tim Wright, Editor || May 1, 2010
    With markets on the rebound, manufacturers of UV/EB coatings and raw material suppliers to the market are optimistic radcure technology will play an increasingly important role in the coatings industry, despite challenges along the way.

  • Radcure Coatings Market

    Radcure Coatings Market

    Tim Wright || April 4, 2008
    The market for UV and EB coatings is strong and continues to grow.

  • Rad-Cure & UV Coatings

    Mike Agosta || August 10, 2005
    Rad-cure coatings makers are finding that in a slow economy, it's even harder to convince customers to invest in more expensive technology - even if it will save them money in the long run.

  • Rad-Cure & UV Technology

    Christine Esposito || August 9, 2005
    The goal: to create more durable and effective products that can be used in every market and by every industry imaginable.

  • Rad-Cure Coatings

    Jenn Hess || August 9, 2005
    With annual growth rates exceeding 10%, radiation cured coatings have become more than just a niche technology. But UV/EB coatings manufacturers aren't resting on their laurels. Improved performance properties have made rad-cure coatings more than just an

  • The Rad-Cure Coatings Market

    Miles Z. Epstein || August 9, 2005
    UV/EB curing is cost- effective, fast-curing and environmentally friendly. What is the future of this technology in the coatings industry?