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Dexter Chemical’s Neutralized

August 9, 2005

Dexter Chemical LLC has launched a new
line of Dextrol neutralized phosphate
ester surfactants for use as emulsifiers
in polymerization processes. This
range of products is based on ammonium,
potassium and sodium salts phosphated
nonionic polyoxyethylene containing
surfactants. Dextrol surfactants
are specially designed to aid in
the polymerization of acrylic, vinyl
and copolymer resins. These emulsifiers
help develop resins with
enhanced color acceptance and gloss,
improved water sensitivity and effectively
control particle size of the coagulum
during polymerization that prevents
the risk of reflocculation, according
to the company. More info: Dexter
Chemical LLC, (718) 542-7700.