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Lyondell Announces Commercialization of

August 9, 2005

Lyondell Chemical has announced the commercialized Acryflow P120, a zero VOC, liquid acrylic polyol that the company introduced on a developmental basis at the 2001 International Coatings Exposition. Lyondell also plans to introduce additional acrylic polyols under the Acryflow tradename. Designed to work as a system, the planned line provides numerous advantages to formulators, including reduced inventory requirements, greater formulating latitude and reduced time to market for their new coating products, according to the company.
Two new Acryflow resins are expected to be available early in the first half of 2002, according to the company. Designated M100 and A140, the resins–in conjunction with P120–form the basis of a planned system that can be used to generate a virtually infinite number of coating formulations to meet any current or future market requirement, the company added. Due to their unique compositions and patented manufacturing process, Acryflow polyols do not lose functionality at low molecular weight, have high terminal hydroxyl content and even distribution of functionality throughout the polymer. This means, superior crosslinking ability and coatings with improved flexibility, hardness, chemical resistance and durability, according to the company. More info: Lyondell Chemical Company, (610) 359-5643.