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EFKA Launches New Defoamer

August 10, 2005

EFKA Launches New Defoamer
For Flooring Applications
● EFKA Additives BV has developed a new
defoamer to supplement its range of
additives specially dedicated to flooring
applications. EKFA-2723 is a
defoamer and air-release agent for
solvent-free epoxy and polyurethane
systems flooring applications. The
main advantages and properties of
2723 are rapid de-aeration to avoid
blisters and micro-foam formation,
easy incorporation in compounds during
initial production phases, low
odor and leveling properties. More
info: EFKA Additives BV, 31 513 657 500 •
Fax: 31 513 657 550 • E-mail:
efka@ekfa.com • Web: www.efka.com.

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