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Engelhard Unveils New Brass Pigment

August 10, 2005

Engelhard Unveils
New Brass Pigment
● Engelhard’s new Lumina brass pigment
is a mica-based, non-metallic effect
pigment that brings a metallic gold
effect to coatings, inks and plastics.
The product features increased chromaticity,
higher color purity and
more brightness and hiding power
than traditional non-metallic metallic
brass colors, according to the company.
Lumina Brass is a non-reactive
and non-tarnishing pigment that is
compatible with both solvent- and water-based liquid coatings, as well
as powder coatings. More info:
Engelhard, (732) 205-5000 • Fax: (732)
321-0250 • E-mail: info@engelhard.com •
Web: www.engelhard.com.

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