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GMS Introduces Smartflow Spray System Controller

August 10, 2005

GMS Introduces Smartflow Spray System Controller
l GMS, LLC has introduced Smartflow controller and Flow-Wizard software which, it contends, can eliminate some of the problems associated with modern fluid spray finishing equipment. Actual flow rates through the spray head can lag instantaneous demands by as much as tenths of seconds, causing inconsistencies in dry film thickness with fluid spray equipment. The Smartflow controller eliminates system upsets and “windup,” according to the company. It allows the controller to determine a useable flow rate from two pulses of its flow meter. Response is enhanced by the ability to learn and remember specific responses to upsets, making the controller the key to accurate uniform and repeatable results in production facilities and in QC and R&D lab environments.
According to the company, the Smartflow can learn and instantly reproduce up to 16 different flow settings by either direct input of values or by pressing the learn button and spraying a substrate. The benefits of instantaneous control are reduced overspray, improved repeatability, accuracy and cycle times, while reducing materials used and emissions.
Also, for QC operations, the Smartflow controller can be configured to keep a contemporaneous record of all application conditions, creating a snap shot of the application conditions and extending the paperwork audit trail through a complete additional process, according to the company. More info: GMS, LLC, (248) 614-3099 • Fax: (248) 614-6289.