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Hoover Color

August 10, 2005

Hoover Color is now offering
EnvironOxide pigments to the paint
and coatings industry, offering a way
companies can further develop their
“green” technologies. Through an
accord between Hoover and Iron
Oxide Recovery, Inc., iron rich sludge
from abandoned mine-shafts is transformed
into a trio of pigments that
are brown in color, yet have a range of
undertones from red to yellow to blue.
EnvironOxide pigments are lightfast
and chemical resistant. BR-832 is
heat stable to temperatures of 600°F,
while BR-833 and BR-834 are heat
stable to 300°F. Their tinting
strength is comparable to traditional
iron oxides, according to Hoover. The
use of these pigments can contribute
towards LEED (Leadership in Energy
& Environmental Design) accreditation,
according to Hoover. The pigments
can be used in paint, coatings,
mortar, grout, stucco, plastics, pavers,
roof tiles and other products. More
info: Hoover Color Corp., (540) 980-7233 •
E-mail: hoover@hoovercolor.com.

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