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August 10, 2005

● Lubrizol Coatings Additives, has added a
new liquid surface modifier for the
wood coatings market. Lanco
LiquiMatt 6000 provides ease of use,
superior surface protection and
improved slip, according to the company.
This free-flowing additive concentrate
produces uniform matting and a
smooth surface feel in waterborne coatings
and provides good antiblocking,
increased scratch resistance and easy
handling. It can be used in waterborne
wood coatings based on acrylic,
styrene/acrylic, polyurethane and styrol/
butadiene dispersions. More info:
Lubrizol Coating Additives, (440) 943-4200 •
Fax: (440) 943-5337 • Web: www.lzcoating

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