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New Lightnin MBI Magmixers Brochure Available

August 10, 2005

Lightnin is offering a new, four-color, MBI MagMixers brochure. The MagMixer series features a dry-running Hyper-Flo bearing design. The bearings will not fracture due to rough handling, can run dry without damage, and can be easily removed for service. The MBI’s magnetic coupling design reduces the build up of particulate matter and minimizes the surface area requiring cleaning. Its one-piece steel tank plate and flow-through channels eliminate contamination concerns in pharmaceutical and bio-tech applications. In addition, the MBI’s bottom-entry design provides a low center of gravity on mobile units for increased stability during transport. More info: Lightnin, (484) 331-7639 • E-mail: julie.hoover@lightnin.spx.com.