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New Taber Instrument Performs Abrasivity Testing

August 10, 2005

Taber Industries has introduced the Model 5500 multi-media abraser. Available as a separate attachment or pre-mounted on a Taber abraser, this instrument measures the abrasive properties of fluids, powders and semi-solids. The multi-media abraser allows you to evaluate the tribological characteristics of materials, and provides a good indication of the amount of wear that will occur with moving parts in the application equipment (including nozzles, gears, presses, rods and cylinders). Applications include paint, pigments, inks, adhesives, epoxies and pastes. More info: Taber Industries, (800) 333-5300 or (716) 694-4000 • Fax: (716) 694-1450 • E-mail: sales@taberindustries. com • Web: www.taberindustries.com.

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