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Rohm And Haas: Gary S. Calabrese

August 10, 2005

Rohm and Haas: The board of directors
elected Gary S. Calabrese vice president
of the company and chief technology
officer. Dr. Calabrese will
work with the company’s executive
council and business leaders to identify
new areas of technology investment.
He will ensure that the company’s
core technology platforms
remain strong, and that Rohm and
Haas researchers continue to push
the envelope of innovation, according
to the company. He will retain oversight
for the Rohm and Haas’ electronic
materials research organization
and lead a corporate technology
development laboratory.
Dr. Calabrese joined the Shipley
Company, a Rohm and Haas subsidiary,
in 1989, where he has held several
leadership positions in product
development and manufacturing.