Financial News

Sico Reports Record Increases

August 10, 2005

For the three month period ended Sept. 27, Sico, Inc. posted an increase in net earnings of 47.8%, or $2.67 million, compared to $1.78 million over the same period last year. Sales rose 17.8% to $42.28 million, according to the company.
During the third quarter, sales in the architectural sector increased 21.6% to reach $36.19 million. For the first nine months of the year, sales in the architectural sector rose 19.3% to $111.94 million. Sico also showed significant internal growth in both the retail and professional market segments, according to Pierre Brodeur, president and CEO.
Industrial sector sales for the third quarter were reported at $6.08 million, slightly below last year’s reported sales of $6.13 million. Sales in the industrial sector for the nine months were $17.97 million, lower than last year’s reported sales of $20 million for the same period.