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Stain Blocking Latex

August 10, 2005

Stain Blocking Latex
Polymer for Primers
● BASF has introduced Acronal Optive 410
polymer, a new acrylic latex polymer
optimized to deliver high performance
in stain blocking primers. Acronal
Optive 410 shows excellent tannin stain
blocking properties without adding reactive
pigments and can be formulated in
a higher than typical pigment volume
concentration (PVC) range, up to 45%,
while still maintaining performance
properties, according to the company.
Engineered to provide excellent
adhesion to substrates including galvanized
steel, aluminum and aged
alkyd, Acronal Optive 410 has compatibility
with anti-corrosive pigments
and thus provides excellent performance
in corrosion resistant primers for
steel, according to the company. More
info: BASF, (704) 588-5280 • Web:

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