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Tego Introduces Dispersants for Rad-Cure Coatings

August 10, 2005

Tego coatings and ink additives has introduced two new wetting and dispersing additives. Tego Dispers 680 UV and Dispers 681 UV are designed for radiation cured industrial coatings, as well as flexo, offset and screen inks. Dispers 680 UV and Dispers 681 UV are amino-functional polyesters supplied solvent-free as a wax-like solid with an active ingredient content of 100%. They are easy to melt and dissolve in common monomers, oligomers or solvents. Both products are equally suitable for pigment grinding on three roll mills or media mills. More info: Tego Coating and Ink Additives, (800) 446-1809 • Fax: (804) 541-6290 • Web: www.additiweb.com.

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