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Dexter Introduces

August 11, 2005

Dexter Introduces
Zero VOC Phosphate Esters
Dexter Chemical recently launched two phosphate ester surfactants, Strodex LFK-70 and Strodex NB-20, for use in low-VOC industrial and trade sales paint and coatings.
Strodex LFK-70 is a zero VOC, low-foaming phosphate ester surfactant used in formulating gloss, semi-gloss and flat waterborne coatings. It acts as an auxiliary dispersant, enhances gloss and improves color development and surface wetting. LFK-70 is a 70% active potassium salt supplied as a low viscosity solution of a phosphate coester of alcohol and an aliphatic ethoxylate.
Strodex NB-20 is a new concept in phosphate ester technology because of its multi-faceted contribution to heat and freeze-thaw stability, color development and color stability in waterborne coatings, according to the company. Also providing improved surface wetting activity, ND-20 is a zero VOC, low viscosity ester that is recommended for a variety of latex paint and coatings formulations, as well as pigment grinding systems. More info: Dexter Chemical, (718) 542-770, (800) 339-9111; Fax: (718) 991-7684; Web: www.dexterchem.com.