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Dupont color analysis shows med.-dark gray gaining ground on silver in North America

August 11, 2005

While hardly a dramatic shift, it appears that medium-dark metallic gray is gaining favor in the luxury segment of the automotive market—typically the trendsetting category in the marketplace.
According to DuPont Automotive’s 2003 color popularity report, in the luxury category, medium-dark gray moved from sixth place to the lead color, representing 23.3% of the vehicles manufactured during the 2003 model year in North America. Silver dropped to the second spot with 18.8%, followed by white metallic, white and black.
The shift to richer grays was also seen in the sport/compact and full-intermediate segments, where it became the third most popular color in each category, according to DuPont.
With 20.2% of vehicles manufactured in North America rolling off the assembly line in silver, the sparkly hue remains the king of colors—for now. In addition to its position in North America, it is also the top color in Europe, Asia (Japan) and South America, according to the company (see chart on page 12).