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Shepherd Color

August 11, 2005

Shepherd Color
offers StarLight Pigments
The Shepherd Color Company, has developed the StarLight product line, which uses MicroMirror technology to obtain brilliance and sparkle in a variety of different applications. MicroMirror technology is produced through the use of a well-defined glass base, which is uniformly coated with metallic silver. StarLight pigment’s edges are coated, making the effect visible at any orientation. StarLight’s sparkle can be used at low pigment levels and can be used with opaque pigments. Particularly advantageous to powder coatings, they can be dry blended with all the pigments prior to extrusion. StarLight is available in a range of particle sizes to suit the desired effect. More info: Shepherd Color Company, (513) 874-0714; Fax: (513) 874-0946; E-mail: salesusa@shepherdcolor.com; Web: www.www.shepherdcolor.com.

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