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August 16, 2005

“Performance Silica for Defoamers,” a
new 32-page technical bulletin from
Degussa’s advanced fillers and pigments
business, explains how the company’s
Sipernat and Aerosil products
can eliminate foam production problems.
The technical bulletin provides
detailed information on the theoretical
aspects of foam and defoaming,
Degussa silica that can be used to produce
defoamers, how those products are
used and application and technology
tests conducted by the company. More
info: Degussa advanced fillers and
pigments, (973) 541-8106; Fax: (973)
541-87 01; E-mail: silica.us@degussa.
com (request technical bulletin 42);
Web: www.silica-library.com.

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