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Tego offers epoxy-siloxane resin

August 16, 2005

Tego has introduced Silikopon EF, a
new flexible epoxy-siloxane hybrid
resin that combines the corrosion and
chemical resistance of an epoxy resin
with the weathering resistance of a
polysiloxane, according to the company.
This resin can contribute to ultra
high solids, low VOC formulations.
Applications for Silikopon EF
includes structural steel, storage
tank exteriors, marine structures,
bridges, concrete walls and floors.
Two-component ambient curing thermoset
systems can be formulated
with this low-viscosity resin.
Industrial coatings based on
Silikopon EF exhibit outstanding corrosion
resistance, gloss, color retention
and resistance to graffiti. More
info: Tego, (800) 446-1809; Fax: (804)
541-6290; Web: www.additiweb.com.

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