Raw Materials & Equipment


September 19, 2005

Chemark Consulting Group is offering
the 10th edition of its study, U.S.
Coatings Industry. The study analyzes
coatings consumption by the ten major
technology systems including solventbased
high solids, solvent-based low
solids, two-component low solids, twocomponent
high solids, two-component
water low solids, two-component water
high solids, emulsions, water soluble,
powder and radiation cured. The
study addresses key issues such as
new technologies that will change or
create new opportunities in each of
these segments. More info: Chemark
Consulting Group, (910) 692-2492;
Fax: (910) 692-2523; E-mail:
phillips@chemarkconsulting.net; Web:
www.chemarkconsulting.net. CW