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ici dulux launches

December 7, 2005

ici dulux launches
2006 colorfutures guide
ICI Paints, has launched its 2006 ColorFutures guide.
ColorFutures is the communication tool created by a group of international color consultants at ICI paints. The guide, which has been put together as a book, was distributed to 10,000 key companies and individuals within the interior design and decor industry. ColorFutures is the result of ongoing worldwide research forecasting the development of color trends.
To do so, a team of international color experts observe a wide range of industries and environments in order to plan and forecast color trends for the coming year. These trends are drawn from customer focus groups from the world of fashion, architecture, music and popular culture.
There are two key differences in the 2006 palette compared to the previous year, according to the experts. There is now a greater sense of contrast between dark and light colors, and there has been a shift within each palette towards saturated colors and neutrality, where each palette has its true color and a dedicated neutral color.
ColorFutures predicts color by identifying color themes and key lifestyle themes. The ColorFutures has predicted five key themes for 2006: stylized simplicity, active contrast, atmosphere, extravagance and reconstruction.