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Rohm and Haas Introduces

December 7, 2005

Rohm and Haas Introduces
Rhoplex VSR-50 Emulsion
Rohm and Haas has launched Rhoplex VSR-50 emulsion binder. The new 100% acrylic binder is designed for premium-performance, interior and exterior, flat to gloss architectural coatings and is particularly useful in formulating paint to 50 g/l VOC. Paint based on Rhoplex VSR-50 emulsion have shown performance benefits similar to those of other Rhoplex 100% acrylic binders but offers much lower VOC levels, according to the company. Paint based on this binder exhibit excellent durability, color retention, dirt pickup-resistance, block resistance, alkali and efflorescence resistance. More info: Rohm and Haas Company, (215) 641-7633; Web: www.rohmhaas.com.

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