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PARA Paints introduces round paint chips

January 16, 2006

PARA Paints has launched a new
way to showcase paint colors—round
paint chips. The four-inch round
chips, which will be available at
PARA Paint dealer locations nationally
as of mid-February, were developed
to help make the paint selection
process easier for consumers, designers,
contractors and architects,
according to the company. Each chip
has a slit half its diameter to allow
users to interlock any color with one,
two, three or more other round paint
chips, creating a layering effect that
looks similar to a color wheel.
“Color selection is the biggest challenge
consumers face when buying
paint,” said Shawn Graham, senior
brand manager of PARA Paints.
“What our round chips aim to do is
help alleviate the burden and put
some fun into color selection, by
allowing people to try different color
combinations together in their hands
before investing in paint.”
By “playing” with the interlocking
round chips, Graham added that
users “can rest assured that the colors
they’ve selected for their walls
and trim go together and coordinate
with the furniture and accessories in
their living space, before committing
to a project.”
Using the layering effect, consumers
can make up their own color
scheme, or follow the suggested
three-color combination on the back
of each chip.
Available initially in PARA’s 2006
fashion trend collection colors, consisting
of 37 “Ready to Wear” shades
for the year ahead, the round chips
will be featured in an in-store display
entitled “Wall to Wall Fashion.”
Alongside the display will be PARA’s
2006 Color Card, called “Set the
Trend,” which features the round
chip collection, as well as recommended
stylish color combinations