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May 12, 2006

Engelhard Corporation has added four
new color pigments to its Synergy
color pigment line for use in coatings
applications. Synergy pigments offer
significant benefits for formulators of
water- and solvent-based industrial
coatings and powder coatings. The
four new colors, Synergy Orange 6170,
Synergy Orange 6139, Synergy Yellow
6212 and Synergy Orange 6112 have
been designed to meet the end-user’s
specific needs and provide increased
value. Designed for powder and industrial
coatings, Synergy Orange 6112 is
a heavy-metal-free, coloristic offset to
moly orange. The pigment displays
excellent weather fastness, and is solvent
and heat stable to 500°F.
Synergy Orange 6170 is a red-shade
orange that maintains a yellow undertone.
Synergy Orange 6139 is a strong,
mid-shade orange. Both Orange 6170
and Orange 6139 can be used in powder
coatings and in water- and solvent-
based coatings. These pigments
provide a cleaner alternative to similar
shade pigments on the market at
significantly better value. Engelhard
Synergy Yellow 6212 is a medium, redshade
yellow developed for the industrial
coatings market. It exhibits
excellent lightfastness, weather fastness,
bleed stability and rheological
properties. More info: Engelhard,
(732) 205-5000; E-mail: info@engelhard.
com;Web: www.engelhard.com.

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