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BYK-Chemie launches

August 14, 2006

BYK-Chemie has launched BYK-420 and BYK-425, two new rheology modifiers that are used to adjust the flow behavior in aqueous paint and coatings. BYK-420 is a liquid thixotropic additive that is characterized by its easy handling, with the result that, by simply stirring, a homogeneous distribution in the formulation is achieved. BYK-420 imparts a strong thixotropic flow with a strong shear thinning effect, is suitable as a post additive for adjusting the viscosity of the coating and its very distinct anti-settling properties improve storage stability.
BYK-425 has proved to be particularly effective in the thickening of binder-rich formulations, creating a shear thinning, pseudoplastic flow behavior. The main advantage is the possibility of applying large layer thicknesses without runners and sagging, thus improving cov