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Sermatech Opens New Science and Technology Center

By Tim Wright | August 31, 2006

Sermatech has completed its new Science and Technology Center in Limerick, PA . The center will conduct advanced aerospace and industrial coatings research and development as well as new application rapid prototyping. The new facility is fully equipped to work on multiple advanced coating programs including the development of new inorganic and organic slurry coatings, slurry diffusion coatings, Cad replacement coatings and advanced thermal spray coatings.  
The testing capabilities of the new Science and Technology Center include mechanical testing (adhesion, bond strength, flexibility, wear, abrasion, and erosion), environmental testing (ASTM salt spray, humidity, acidified salt spray, cyclic corrosion testing), thermal testing (cyclic oxidation, hot corrosion rig, oxidation rig) and microscopic analysis (metallography, with digital image analysis).  The center’s staff is trained and equipped to conduct various testing and properties evaluation protocols in order to provide the correct coating solution for our customers.

“Our customers have asked us to develop new high performance surface treatments for materials applications in new aerospace engines that are cost effective and environmentally friendly," said Bruce McMordie, manager, Science and Technology Center. "These new facilities will enable us to quickly respond to the voice of our customer.”
Prototyping capabilities include complete slurry formulation facilities, turnkey SermeTel coating application (grit blasting, controlled environmental spray booths, curing ovens, burnishing capabilities, dimensional analysis equipment), turnkey organic coating application (grit blasting, controlled environmental spray booths, curing ovens), and slurry diffusion coating (surface prep, application booths, diffusion furnaces). 

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