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Recycled Paint

October 20, 2006

Recycled Paint
Standard Completed
The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) and Green Seal, Inc. have completed a national Green Seal environmental standard for recycled-content latex paint. The standard is aimed at assuring consumers that recycled paint, in addition to being environmentally beneficial, can perform as well as virgin paint, both in terms of ease of application and quality and longevity of finish.
The Master Painters Institute (MPI) worked with Green Seal and PSI on the performance portion of the standard. The paint meets the same MPI performance standards used for virgin paint in any given category. The final standard takes into account the quality, performance and safety of recycled paint, as well as environmental attributes.
Green Seal will now begin product evaluation for paint submitted for certification by manufacturers. Paints that meet the standard will earn the Green Seal of approval, and will be able to display the Green Seal Certification Mark, which is a registered mark.