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PPG Publishes new

December 18, 2006

PPG Publishes new
coraflon color guide
The PPG Coil and Extrusion Coatings Group has released a new Coraflon Color Guide to help architects and building owners specify color for architectural metal components. The four-page brochure encompasses five different coating types, including 2-coat Coraflon coatings, 2-coat Coraflon pearlescent coatings, 3-coat Coraflon XL coatings, 3-coat Coraflon XL metallic coatings and 3-coat Coraflon specialty coatings.
The Coraflon Color Guide, which features 60 standard Coraflon colors, is not designed to be comprehensive, but rather to provide a sampling of the full breadth of aesthetic options available with these coatings. Coraflon coatings are available in a rich, almost limitless palette of vivid solid colors, metallic and special effects, An extensive range of gloss levels also are available from high gloss to soft sheens. To order the Coraflon Color Guide call (888) PPG-IDEA or go to