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Pioneer Athletics Teams Up With SportCoatings

By Tim Wright | January 19, 2007

Pioneer Athletics is expanding its commitment to new, innovative synthetic turf paints and coatings as well as antimicrobial protection to its 22,000 customers worldwide through a new partnership with SportCoatings.

Under this new agreement, Pioneer Athletics will be the exclusive provider of the SportCoatings line of maintenance and restoration products and together they will co-develop innovative coatings designed for synthetic turf systems.

Pioneer will also become the exclusive provider of TurfD, the newest member of the successful TurfAide family that provides six months of antimicrobial protection to synthetic turf systems with one application.

“We are thrilled to add a partner like Pioneer Athletics. There isn’t a company in the paint and coatings industry that can rival their history of quality, reliability and dedication to customer service,” said Craig Andrews, CEO SportCoatings. “Pioneer, added to our existing partnership with General Sports Venue, completes our goal of providing service to all aspects of the turf and sports market.”

“The synthetic turf market is growing exponentially and the partnership with SportCoatings allows us to offer a full range of innovative paints and coatings to our customers,” said Doug Schattinger, president of Pioneer Athletics.